Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Products I've Acquired for 2013

                                             So I've "acquired" a few new things that just came out that I am Loving and a couple of them    are Limited Edition so I thought I would share, just in case you wanted to pick them up yourself before they are gone for good.

Zoya Julie, Piaf, GeiGei, Neely, Jacqueline, and Blu
Zoya sent me their new "Lovely" collection for Spring 2013!!
And that's just what the colors are....lovely!

You can pick them up at for $8.

I already posted NOTD for GeiGei and Julie which are my favorites so far!
Now because of these colors I am already into the Spring mood and I want to go out and buy
all the pastel clothing and accessories to match ugh!

I've picked up the new Maybelline 24hr Metal color tattoo in Barely branded, because I was so sorry 
that I missed out on the LE Barely Beige. I'm so glad I picked this one up, I love it! I've been using it everyday underneath my eyeshadow.

I'm also so glad I finally found this Rimmel Match Perfection concealer
because I'm in need of a new one (my Maybelline age rewind was all out),
and Marnie MsGoldGirl loves it. Thanks Marnie! I love this one too! :)

Maybelline Barely Branded on top and Rimmel concealer on bottom.

Do I really need more lip balms?? What is up with me lately with all these lip balms and butters?
They were cheapies anyways so what the hell! I told myself I needed them because they're LE.
So I picked up the new LE Maybelline Baby Lips in Yummy Plummy and Melon Mania and 
I'm so glad I did, because I like these so much better than the original that had SPF and
I cannot stand SPF on my lips! They smell and taste So nasty! I'm sure it would be better 
for my lips to be protected by the sun but sorry I can't do it!

Baby lips: Yummy plummy, Melon mania, Revlon Sugar plum, NYC Apple Blossom.

I found the new NYC Applelicious Glossy balms at Kmart so I picked this one up in Apple Blossom.
I'm sure I'll eventually go back for more colors because these are so cute, they smell delicious too!
They also came out with these jumbo plumping glosses that I'm going back for too!

NYC Applelicious Apple Blossom

I've been trying to hold myself back from buying this Revlon lip butter for so long!
I just couldn't help myself any longer! I've been lusting over Sugar Plum for quite sometime and as
everyone knows by now I'm obsessed with these lip butters. I've tried almost every color they have =O
This color is so gorgeous! I'm loving all purple lippies right now, can't you tell?

Revlon lip butter Sugar Plum


  1. omg I have been dying to get my hands on the Maybelline Baby Lips!!!

    1. Do they not have them over there? They are amazing!


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