Thursday, February 6, 2014

MAC Stereo Rose & Comparable Dupes

MAC Stereo Rose from A Fantasy of Flowers collection 2014.

Broken Stereo Rose from Ebay.
I dropped it on my bathroom floor only the day after I got it in the mail as a birthday present from my Dad. :(

A Fantasy of Flowers Stereo Rose on top and Ebay on bottom.

A Fantasy of Flowers Stereo Rose on top and Ebay Stereo Rose on bottom.
As you can see the top swatch is pinker whereas the bottom swatch has more of an orange undertone.
I think when I where them, I like the shade of the Ebay Stereo Rose a lot more. I love the coral shade and it's a lot more pigmented. When I try on my new Stereo Rose it's not as pigmented and kind of just gives a nice sheen, but I have to apply a couple of layers for the color to show up.

Me wearing Stereo Rose from Ebay. Gorgeous!!

Now let's compare these MSF's to the Milani Baked Blushes....

Ebay Stereo Rose compared to Milani Rose D' Oro. 
Rose D'oro has a bit more of a burnt copper/red tone to it.

Top to bottom:
Luminoso, Fantasy of Flowers Stereo Rose, Rose D' Oro, Ebay Stereo Rose
As you can see, the Rose d'oro is more similar to the ebay msf because it has more orange in it.
Luminoso is more similar to the new MSF in color. Only it does not have the same sheen to it or gold veining throughout. Overall, I'd say these are similar shades but not exactly the same. I don't have anything with the same beautiful sheen that these Stereo Rose msf's give.

A Fantasy of Flowers Stereo Rose compared to Milani Luminoso

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