Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Christmas 2012!

                                          I think I really scored this year,  I was spoiled by my Daddy and my
                                           hubby too of course! Here are pics of mostly all the big things that I got.

                                                   My husband got me the Lady Gaga perfume gift set, because I had
           smelled it in Sephora and fell in love with the scent. It smells like Blackberries and Vanilla to me. It came with the black cosmetic  train case. He also gifted me the Stila In the Light palette, because I used up basically all of my sample that I had and he knew I wanted the full size palette.
                                                    My Daddy got me my Toms for Christmas, which was nice because it
                                                  gives another pair of Toms to a child in need. :) I really like the black cords texture and the wool on the inside. It reminds me of Christmas at Grandpa's house, because he always wore slippers with the same print inside.  My Dad also got me the Too Faced natural eye palette and Tarte Blushing Bride Amazonian clay blush. I had been lusting after this blush ever since I saw it in Twishycarestar's video.

                                                           My Godmother gave me the blue scarf for Christmas, it's so nice and soft and I'm really glad she got me this scarf because I've been wanting one for myself after I got my husband a nice black one for Christmas. And it matches the blue on the bottom of my Toms! :)

                                                           My Mother-In-Law got me the Mariah Carey gift set which I ended up taking back because it smelled horrific. Too bad, because I loved all the other Mariah Carey perfumes that I've smelled before ( the yellow, red, and blue ones).

Swatches of the palettes and blush will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that. ;) 
I LOVE them all!
The Too Faced palette came with a sample of the shadow insurance, so I will be trying that out.
And the Stila palette came with an eyeliner which I LOVE!! (and eyeliner usually doesn't like me)


                  What was your favorite 
                  Christmas gift this year?

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