Thursday, September 13, 2012

MAC Sophisto

MAC Sophisto

Photo: Thank you FedEx!


                     I bought my first MAC lipstick!  Well okay,  my husband bought it for me.
                            This lipstick is like my new baby, I love it so much! Now I want to try more!
             Sophisto is a Lustre finish. It is a berry shade with a fine gold shimmer to it. Perfect for Fall!
          Here are some pictures that I took of myself with it on. I warn you that I am not good at taking
                    pictures of  myself, especially when I can not see myself in the frame of my camera.
                   From these angles I look like a hoity-toity B**** in my opinion, which I am not!
                                 This shade looks scary in the tube, but when applied it comes off  more sheer.
    I should have applied it more heavily for the pictures so you can see the true color, because it is buildable.

On my lips- MAC Sophisto

On my face:
Maybelline  Dream Matte Mousse foundation
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind under-eye concealer
Essence coverstick
Rimmel stay matte powder
On my cheeks:
MAC MSF Light Year
Tarte clay blush Achiote
On my eyes:
Nyc brow pencil- taupe
Eye shadow-ELF  Little Black Beauty Book:
Warm Python Edition
Covergirl LashBlast mascara
On my lips:
Nyx lipliner peek-a-boo neutral
Nivea kiss of shimmer lip balm
lipstick-MAC Sophisto

                                                                    An up-close of my face Ah Scary!
                                                                     Is that extra powder on my nose?
                                                                   It's not Halloween just yet Kirstie! :)


  1. I really like the colour. Lustre finishes are generally lighter and less pigmented.

    So more Mac lipsticks for the future??


  2. Yes, I LOVE this color! I really like the lustre formula because it's not too drying, but I think I still want to try out some other MAC finishes! YES GIVE ME MORE MAC LIPSTICKS!! lol :D I think this is going to be my new obsession! My collection will be looking like yours in no time! <3 Kirstie

    p.s. I found a new site that sells a lot of MAC samples, and I think I'm going to order a few!


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