Monday, January 21, 2013

Lancome Vintage Rose

  Please Bare with me while I figure out how to take pictures of myself. I really suck at this right now!
                       Just look at that blank stare into the camera! lol :D
      Anywho, I'd just like to share with you my first ever "big girl" lipstick. My first ever lipstick...well ever.
          My Mom took me to get a makeover at the Lancome counter a few years back, I don't know how many to be exact.   And this lipstick was one of the free gifts it came with.

Lancome vintage rose lined with NYX Peek-a-boo neutral.
I've been trying to find a good dupe now for about a year,  and I can't seem to come close enough.
So why is this shade so special?  Well, it has a beautiful purple iridescent sheen to it that makes this shade so unique. I've never come across anything like it. And it makes my lips look so juicy.

This is all I have left of it ladies, I'm running out of options!
For now, I'll just be savoring the remnants.
I might just have to re-purchase it at Lancome. It goes for $22, I'd rather find a MAC dupe for $15.
They re-designed the tube and now instead of just being called Color Design, it's called Color Design "Sensational Effects Lipcolor Smooth Hold."

Does anyone know of any dupes?? 
Please let me know!!

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