Friday, December 28, 2012

Diaries of My Blush Obsession: Fall/Winter Edition

This is the second part of my obsessed series! I started out with my highlighter obsession, now it's time for some blush action. :)  Let's just say I am a little obsessed with blush . It all started with my first blush I ever bought from the drugstore. It was a Covergirl blush I think the shade was called Rose Silk? Anyways, I used it all up and wanted to try a different color so I went for a NYC Mosaic blush which is still one of my faves, the shade is called Pink Cheek Glow and if you haven't tried it yet you must (I've used up like 3 of these to the pan!).
    But what I think really started my obsession with blushes were the Milani Baked blushes. These blushes had just came out and I just couldn't resist their gleaming luminescence! The first shade I picked up was Dolce Pink. Okay, enough with the beginning of my blush obsession!  Now on to some of my more recent findings of Fall and Winter shades that I Love! <3

These are all great Fall/Winter colors and are all very affordable.  
 You can order Sleek blushes off and I believe they are $5.99 a piece?
La Femme blushes are under $3.00 each and are available online at and

You can find ELF blushes at Target and Kmart for $3.00 each, that's where I found my favorite one Mellow Mauve, and the others I found at

                                    Mellow Mauve is now a Holy Grail blush for me!

Mellow Mauve on top, Berry Merry on the Left, and Blushing Rose on the Right.
             ELF Blushing rose, Mellow Mauve, and Berry Merry



La Femme Golden Ruby, Sleek Pomegranate, and La Femme Lilac Lace.

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