Sunday, September 22, 2013

Updated Revlon Lip Butter Collection with swatches!

I was just going through my lippy collection and figuring out which products that I wanted to use up, because I have way too many that I don't really use that much anymore. You know how that is, you find bigger and better products and you forget about all the old ones that aren't as great! So anyways, I was trying to get together 10 products for a Project 10 Pan. And I didn't realize how many lip butters that I actually had.  I don't really sit around all day counting how many lipsticks I have. So I thought I would share with you the shades I have as of right now. I have also had Strawberry shortcake, Creme brulee, and Cotton Candy which I have loved and re-purchased many times because these babies run out pretty quick if you really love them! But, I only allow myself to buy a lip butter after I have finished one. So right now I'm working on Pink lemonade, Pink truffle, and Berry smoothie since they are almost gone.

These are the lighter, more wearable shades, Sweet Tart being the brightest out of the bunch:

Starting from the left: Sweet papaya, Pink lemonade, Peach parfait, Berry smoothie, Pink truffle, Sweet tart.

Swatched from the top: Sweet papaya, Pink lemonade, Peach parfait, Berry smoothie,
Pink truffle, Sweet tart.

Here are the darker shades, my favorite probably being Macaroon because it's exclusive to the UK, Sam sent this one to me (Thanks girl!).

Starting from the Left: Lollipop, Sugar plum, Macaroon, Cherry tart, Red velvet.

Swatched from the top: Lollipop, Sugar plum, Macaroon, Cherry tart, Red velvet.

These lip butters started my obsession with lipsticks.  They are my first most favorite lipstick formula, second being Mac Lustre of course! I never wore lipstick before I bought my first lip butter, Peach parfait. I seriously thought that lipstick was only for old ladies. When I thought of lipstick, all that I could think of were all the "modest" shades that my Mother wore. Seriously all I used to wear was lipgloss, and now I hate most lipgloss formulas. There are still some shades that I want to try of course, the most sought after probably being cupcake which I went to get before and mistakenly bought cotton candy again! Woops! :) Hope you enjoy my little collection of these beauties!

Which lip butter shade is your favorite?  Are there any shades that you haven't tried yet that you want to? Please comment and let me know down below! <3 <3 Kirstie


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  2. Thank you so much! I checked out your blog and I love it! I absolutely love your name and I wish I could have it! hehe :)

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    1. Yes, they are all beautiful and I love them! Thank you so much!
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