Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lip liner Collection!! Nyx, Jordana, and Rimmel

So I've been wanting to post this for a while now, so I thought that I'd just go right ahead and do that! hehe
First of all, I NEVER used to wear lip liner! My favorite Youtuber EVER Lovepeaceandlipgloss (Gina) inspired me to try liner and most of the colors that I own were because I saw them in one of her videos.
My first one was Nyx Rose, which is a very nice pink. The only brands that I have tried so far are Nyx, Jordana, and Rimmel. I'm not willing to shell out the cake just quite yet for the high end brands. My favorite and most used lip liners would be from Nyx.

Here are the names from top to bottom:

Jordana - Sugar Plum
Jordana - Baby Berry
Rimmel - Indian Pink
Nyx -      Pinky
Jordana -  Mauvy
Jordana - Rock n' Rose (not rose at all by the way, I hardly ever wear this one it's just straight up brown)
Rimmel - East-end Snob (One of my newer favorites)
Nyx    -   Natural
Nyx    -   Peekaboo Neutral (my all-time favorite!)
Nyx   -    Rose
Nyx   -    Tangerine

Do you wear lip liner? Tell me your favorite lip liner!

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