Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dreaming of Chanel

When I was in Oregon, my Mom and I went to the mall and of course had to look at the Chanel lipsticks when we walked by. ;)  I looked at the Rouge Coco Shine's first and a couple of them caught my eye.......
the first was #70 Sourire, a light pink. The second being #48 Evasion a beautiful light peach color, and the last one being #57 Aventure  a medium bright pink with gold shimmer. Unfortunately I wasn't there to buy lipsticks, so I asked if they had any samples. The sales lady was very sweet and went downstairs to fetch me some. This is very exciting for me, because I have never tried Chanel as they are not cheap.
 I can't wait to try them out! I will try and take pictures when I try them on, but I'm having problems right now uploading pictures from my digital camera, so for now I'll be taking pictures on my phone and uploading them to Facebook. That way I can just copy and paste.

Photo: Can't wait to try these babies out!

It even comes with a little lip brush to apply the lipstick, how cute?!

Photo: Even comes with a little brush, how cute!

The samples I'll be trying out will be Rouge coco in #54 Le Baiser, Rouge Coco shine #62 Monte-Carlo,
Rouge Coco shine #79 Saga, and Rouge coco shine in #81 Fiction. The colors I'm most excited to try I think are Saga and Monte-Carlo.

Until next time!

Kirstie <3

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