Sunday, April 7, 2013

I hit the Jackpot! Bonne Bell oldies but goodies!

Check out what I found at my 99 cents Only store!!! Remember these Bonne Bell Lip Smackers chapsticks and lip glosses from back in the day?? I thought these didn't exist anymore! Woohoo I'm going back for more!

The other day I found a lipLites Glossy Tint in Watermelon sorbet and a 
LipSmacker Sparkler in Raspberry Spritz

                                            So I went to another 99 cents Only store closer to my house and found my old favorite LipLites Metallic Mocha (smells like Starbucks!) and another LipSmacker Sparkler in Dream Pop!
                                        This one smells like a orange creamsicle! Yummy!


  1. Hey! I tagged you for a Liebster Award!

  2. Oh Wow! That's so cool! Thank you so much! I've never been nominated for an award before! :)


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