Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MAC Sweetie Lipstick

Sweetie (Lustre)

Described by MAC as an ultra-sweet Pink.
An everyday lipstick that is the perfect mid-toned pink.
Why do I always pick lustre finishes? This color just captured my attention .
Silly me, I thought that I was going to be able to pick up a couple things from the Marilyn Monroe collection. That didn't happen, so I thought I'm here anyways right? Might as well get something or I came for nothing.
I really wanted the Forever Marilyn beauty powder and the Love Goddess lipstick! Love Goddess looks so gorgeous! Does anyone know of a similar color?? I would die if I could find one! I saw a video on some drugstore dupes, but I really don't care for the Covergirl formulas. They smell kind of funny to me like the Loreal lipsticks.
Syrup and Plumful are also on my list. More Lustres! I'm also looking for a vampy purple does anybody know of one??

                                         I'm so addicted to MAC lipsticks now! Someone save me!

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