Friday, October 19, 2012

Haul! La Femme, ELF, Zoya, BagInc, Physicians Formula

I've received a few packages in the mail lately, so I thought I might share with you what I got.
First, I was looking through my blushes and I realized that I didn't have any Fall colors. I was obsessed this past summer with coral, so that's the majority of what I have. So I was watching NVMakeupLover's favorites and fell in love with these beautiful La Femme blushes, and I could not believe how cheap they were! Gossmakeupartist also raves about these blushes.

Golden Sunset, Lilac lace, Mocha, and Golden Ruby
Lilac Lace and Golden Ruby are my favorites!

I ordered these online at for $2.99 a piece. They also have palettes, but I just wanted to try a few first to see if I liked them. I plan on ordering a palette sometime in the future, and filling it up with more of these blushes because I love them!

Then I found a code for 50% off on so I ordered 2 blushes that I've been wanting for over a year, you can't buy these colors in the store. Berry Merry and Blushing Rose. I got them for only $1.50 each. I put Mellow Mauve in there too because I just picked it up recently and have been loving it.

Top row: ELF Mellow mauve, Blushing rose, Berry merry
Bottom row: La Femme Golden sunset, Mocha, Lilac lace, Golden Ruby

I think I'll be doing another post with  the swatches of these blushes, they are all beautiful!
Just this week another package came in for me at Fedex, so I went and picked it up.
I won a giveaway a couple of months ago for a handbag from on Vadisrad's channel.

This is the bag I won, it's called the Melrose Glam Samurai Studded Calfskin Leather tote in Black.
This bag is very nicely made and the leather is very soft. I really want to order another one now for Christmas, it looks just like the Balenciaga Motorcycle Le Dix bag. And Lord knows, I cannot afford the real one! I want to say Thank you so much to Vanessa Vadisrad who I won this beautiful bag from, and also to Betty Lui from for sending it out to me! What's in my bag TAG coming soon! :)


Also Zoya sent me some polish samples from their new Ornate collection. They are all so gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. Blaze is my favorite, it's a gorgeous cranberry red color. I'll have to go to Sally's and pick up some nail wheels to show you a swatches of the colors more closely.


I was also at BigLots this past weekend and found a Physicians Formula powder foundation for $4.00 so I just had to pick it up, because I've never tried this brand and have always wanted to. My skin's been acting up and I wanted to slap something more light and healthy on it and this powder has licorice extracts and tomato derivatives to "help brighten skin and diminish the appearance of sun spots" as it says on the box, so I just had to snatch it up.


  1. Oooooh I love the bag... I've actually been trying to find a bag with those studdy bits at the bottom, looks so cool

  2. I know, I love it! The studs look like bullets! So cool!
    And the leather is so soft :)


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