Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil and lipliner swatches

NYX Jumbo Eye pencil - Yogurt  ****  NYX lipliner - Natural
I've always heard everyone on Youtube and blogs talking so much about how great these Nyx Jumbo Eye pencils are, but I never really let the light shine on them until I did an international swap and Sam asked for a bunch of these. Now I ask myself, what the hell took me so long to figure out that these things are freaking amazing?! Thank you Sam! I finally bought one of these babies the other day to test them out and they are awesome! I love how creamy and pigmented it is, it stays on forever, doesn't crease, it's quick and easy
 (no brush needed), and it's so cheap (I got mine for $2, at Ulta they are $4). You can bet I'm going back for more of these suckers real soon! I also picked up another Nyx lipliner, because I have a couple and I love them. I picked up this one, because Sam used it for a perfect nude lip and it looked so good on her.
I really want to get the color Peek-A-Boo Natural which is a pinky nude color, but I can't find it. I might have to just give in and buy it online.


  1. I love NYX it is coming to the UK soon! can't wait! xx

  2. Oh my gosh that's so great! Now you can get more Nyx! :) woohoo!


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