Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zoya Naturel Collection 2014

                       Zoya Naturel Collection 2014

                       I'm so glad these beautiful little nude polishes came along in the mail, because I do not own very many of my own. I'm very pale, so It's very hard for me to pull off a nude polish without looking dead. So here's to starting my little quest on finding my perfect nude polish shade! :)

Chantal- French Vanilla Cream

Taylor- Light Toffee Cream

Rue- Boudoir Blush Cream

Brigitte- Bombshell Mauve Cream

Normani- Sable Mauve Cream

Odette- Sultry Maroon Cream

From Left to Right: Chantal, Taylor, and Rue

                                          Brigitte, Normani, and Odette

All polishes sent to me for PR purposes only by Zoya. You may find Zoya polishes at Ulta or at Zoya.com for $9.00 each bottle.

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