Saturday, October 5, 2013

NOTD: OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam!

I went everywhere around town looking for this beauty and could not find it! This color is like nothing in my little nail polish collection and when I saw it on Pinterest, I just had to have it! I went to seriously like, 10 stores around my house looking for this color and nobody even sells OPI around here. wtf?!
The only store that I could find that sold OPI was Target and they don't carry many colors at my store, so I had to go all the way to Ulta which is about a 30 minute drive if not more. I was trying to decide between this one and I Have A Herring Problem which is slightly darker but also very pretty. So, I'll be going back for that one.


  1. Pretty color! I don't have anything like that either, hmmm

    1. This picture does not do the color justice, trust me it's much more beautiful in person! It's the perfect transitional color for Fall!

  2. It looks like an interesting colours! I have to go buy Alkatraz rocks and I will check this one out too!

  3. Yes, It's almost like a periwinkle shade to me. I'm getting I Have a Herring problem next visit, it looks equally pretty! :)


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