Sunday, March 10, 2013

UnionBay Ice-U Sandals

Don't make fun of my piggy toes, I think they're cute! :)

I usually don't do these sort of posts  but I was really happy with my find and I just had to share it with somebody! I was at Marshall's looking for a Birthday gift for a party I was invited to when I started to wander and found these sparkly sandals that I just couldn't resist! :) The brand is  UnionBay and they are called the Ice-U sandals. I bought them for $19.99 which is a steal! They're so pretty when the sunlight hits the stones change different colors. They are very nicely made and don't look as cheap as they do in this picture. They are made with brown leather and gold accents. I looked these up and found them at for $59.99! I scored! They have these on the Sears site with pink stones, but mine have Multi-colored stones. While searching, I found two more sandals for the same price, I hope they sell these at Marshall's next because I'll be grabbing them. In the mean time, I'll be wearing these all Spring and Summer long! If weather permitted, I would wear sandals year-round.


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